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Pain Management Medical Devices

Managing pain can be challenging. Taking pain medication is often an option but brings with it potential negative side effects.  Neurotech offers non-invasive, non-drug, adjunctive therapy approaches and easy to use products designed to provide pain management relief.

Neurotech®'s Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices may be used to either replace or complement existing drug therapies and may help reduce the risks of long-term exposure to NSAIDs, narcotics and other pain relieving medications. For older patients – and especially those with chronic conditions – Neurotech's TENS devices provide welcome relief without the risk of drug-related side-effects

Patient Advantages

  • Proven Effective: Clinical research demonstrates TENS can relieve your pain (reference About Neurotech; Clinical Study Bibliography)
  • Proven Safety Profile: Reduce concerns about drug related side-effects from TENS
  • Drug Free: TENS stimulation generally does not cause medication interactions which may be problematic

TENS devices are widely used in the medical community. TENS technology consists of sending electrical pulses through electrodes or conductive gel pads placed on the skin to provide pain relief. The following are general theories accepted by the medical community for how surface neurostimulation provides pain relief. (reference About Neurotech; Clinical Study Bibliography)

  • Pain gate control  blocks the pain signals going to the brain
  • Endorphin release, whereby it increases the production and release of endorphins reducing the pain sensation.

As a result, pain and discomfort can be greatly reduced through the application of TENS.This may reduce the need for drug therapy and may help patients regain their mobility and restore quality of life.

AvivaTens XP - Non-Drug, Altnernative Therapy Approach to Pain Management

AvivaTens XPTM is a safe and effective means of managing chronic pain and as an adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical pain. It’s portable, allowing it to be used in the clinic, home or at work. Chronic pain sufferers, in particular, who experience sudden breakthrough levels of pain, may rely on AvivaTens XPTM for immediate and long-term pain relief and may be used alongside drug treatment regimens.

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