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AvivaTens XP - Non-Drug, Altnernative Therapy Approach to Pain Management

Effective Pain Management Directly at the Pain Site.

AvivaTens XPTM is a safe and effective means of providing a non-invasive, non-drug, adjunctive therapy approach for pain management. It’s portable so it can be used at home or at work. Chronic pain sufferers, in particular, who experience sudden breakthrough levels of pain, can rely on AvivaTens XPTM for immediate and long-term pain relief when used with drug and non-drug treatment regimens.

AvivaTens XPTM is designed to provide pain management for chronic and post-surgical acute pain. It offers easy, preset programs for a wide range of pain conditions – chronic, acute and post-surgical.

Managing pain can be challenging. Taking pain medication is often an option but brings with it potential negative side effects. Neurotech offers non-invasive, non-drug, adjunctive therapy approaches and easy to use products designed to provide pain management relief.

Neurotech®'s Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices may be used to either replace or complement existing drug therapies and may help reduce the risks of long-term exposure to NSAIDs, narcotics and other pain relieving medications. For older patients – and especially those with chronic conditions – Neurotech's AvivaTens provides welcome relief without the risk of drug-related side-effects.

AvivaTens XPTM: Two Theories of Pain Relief.

There are two general theories accepted by the medical community to explain how TENS provides pain management: (reference About Neurotech; Clinical Study Bibliography)

1. Pain Gate Control - In this mode, the patient feels a comfortable tingling or pulsing sensation which blocks the pain pathway to the brain for immediate pain relief.

2. Endorphin Release – This setting produces a tapping sensation. After 20-40 minutes, the body naturally releases pain relieving endorphins, which remain in the system for up to several hours after treatment has ceased.

AvivaTens XPTM - Indications for Use:

  • Symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain
  • Adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain

Caution: In the United States of America federal law restricts the device to sale or use by, or on the order of a physician or other practitioner licensed by the laws of the state in which he/she practices. Ask your doctor if this product could be right for you.

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