Neurotech®: Business Overview

Neurotech® is leading manufacturer of electrical neurostimulation devices. With years of clinical expertise, combined with significant ongoing investment in Research and Development, has enabled us to develop cutting edge, and clinically tested products to help patients with muscle re-education and rehabilitation, and management of chronic pain.

  • Back Pain
  • Complete Knee Rehabilitation
  • General Pain

Our team of researchers and developers work closely with domestic and international healthcare facilities and universities in R&D programs. We have successfully brought patented products to market, which are designed to improve the lives of thousands of patients annually. Kneehab XP® has completed rigorous testing and was cleared by the FDA to be dispensed under a physician’s prescription and has received a CE mark indicating its market clearance under the European Medical Directive. Our mission is to develop, manufacture and provide high-quality, clinically proven and innovative neurostimulation - medical devices designed to help improve the lives of patients.

Innovative Solutions To Improve Your Health

We have worked with healthcare providers (such as physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers) professionals and patients to design and develop rehabilitation and pain management devices that demonstrate efficacy in clinical studies and deliver a variety of benefits. We are proud that our products are an integral part of the treatment plan for thousands of patients around the world to lead more active lifestyles. Our focus is your health and wellness. Through research and clinical trials, we are committed to developing innovative medical solutions. Our easy to use, portable devices are designed to help you embrace life to the fullest.

Kneehab XP®
Quadriceps Strengthening