Corporate Compliance - Theragen & Neurotech

Theragen LLC/Neurotech NA, Inc. has established health care compliance policies that govern the manner in which we conduct business, and reflect U.S. and global guidelines and regulations in the markets we serve.

The three fundamental principles on which our corporate compliance program is based on are:

  • Avoiding improper industry influence in medical decision-making
  • Adhering to lawful promotion of products regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the International Regulatory clearances applicable to the Products and markets we serve.
  • Providing accurate information to assure compliance with government claims and payment policies.

These principles guide our business practices and ensure that we are diligent in upholding applicable domestic and international regulations. Our Compliance Policy has been developed by independent counsel based on the current understanding and application of relevant federal and state statutes and industry codes of ethics. All Theragen LLC and Neurotech NA employees who interact with health care professionals or customers who purchase health care products have been trained to strictly adhere to our Compliance Policy and are required abide by our guidelines as a requisite for employment in all corporate interactions.

Please contact the Company for a copy of our formal Compliance Statement.

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