Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to be a leading global provider of premium quality, innovative muscle rehabilitation and pain management medical devices which are:

  • Cutting-edge neurostimulation technology
  • Multifunctional devices designed to increase muscle strength and manage chronic and acute pain
  • Site-specific conductive garments that ensure accurate placement of the stimulation to the treatment site
  • Easy to use device systems that become integral to a patient’s treatment plan or performance improvement
  • Solutions with evidence-based outcomes

Our Values


We recognize the importance of people in everything we do and foster an open professional and ethical working environment, offering opportunities for personal development while recognizing and rewarding achievement.


We channel our vitality and drive to provide meaningful benefits for all stakeholders by encouraging imagination, initiative and entrepreneurship in how we work and particularly in developing our products and technology.

Customer Focus

We are outward-looking and committed to building long-term relationships with our varied customer base, providing products and a world class service that exceeds both their current and future needs.


We are passionate about working in partnership with our colleagues, suppliers and customers, across functions and cultures. We share responsibilities, learning and growing together and taking pride in the achievement of our business goals.

Planning for Success

We identify ambitious goals and milestones to ensure clarity of purpose, regularly measuring our progress and performance against realistic key performance indicators, to ensure success.

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