Our Story

Neurotech NA Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Theragen LLC with experience in the research, design, manufacture and marketing of medical grade products for both muscle rehabilitation and strengthening (muscle re-education, prevention of disuse atrophy, and strengthen of muscles post-surgically) and pain management (including the management of chronic, intractable pain, relief of pain associated with arthritis, and the management of post-surgical and post-trauma pain).


Neurotech has been responsible for a number of extraordinary firsts in the market.

  • Microprocessor controlled devices for treatment accuracy
  • Subpulsing – designed to improve transmission of the stimulation across the skin
  • Site specific integrated stimulator and garment systems

To maintain our market leading position we are committed to developing new, innovative and clinically proven products in the areas of health, fitness and through an extensive R&D and trials program.

The Neurotech® division of Theragen LLC markets a range of user friendly medical devices to treat an array of orthopedic conditions. The orthopedic product range comprises, neuromuscular electrical nerve stimulation (NMES) devices to treat disuse atrophy and strengthen muscles, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) devices used to manage pain as well as a range of innovative, site specific conductive garments designed to make it easier to accurately place stimulation on the treatment site.

Caution: In the United States of America federal law restricts Neurotech devices to sale or use by, or on the order of a physician or other practitioner licensed by the laws of the state in which he/she practices. Ask your doctor if a Neurotech device could be right for you.

Kneehab XP®
Quadriceps Strengthening