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Patient Experience

Our Patients and Their Caregivers Say it Best…

We are thankful to receive warm, wonderful emails and calls from patients who have used our rehabilitative and pain management products.  We thank them for taking the time to share their stories.

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"The Kneehab is a workout at home." - Terrell Thomas, Cornerback, New York Giants: Show Details

"Kneehab is a tremendous alternative to leg extensions, which puts tons of pressure on the patellar tendon, therefore leading to patellar tendonitis" - Will Blackmon, Punt Returner and Cornerback, New York Giants: Show Details

"I am an inspired fan of the Kneehab XP" - Mauria F., Director of Physical Therapy and Physical Therapist : Show Details

"It is a great device, no question it works wonders and I would recommend it to anyone with knee problems." - Zoe Gillings, Professional Olympic Snowboard Athlete: Show Details

"The Kneehab XP should be put on every knee patient." - Victor H., Active Surfer and Snowboarder: Show Details

"I felt stronger within days of using my Kneehab XP" - Bob B., Former Construction Worker: Show Details

"I really believe Kneehab has been integral to my recovery!" - Amy S, Kneehab patient: Show Details

"My recovery has been half the time it was with the first surgery and I credit that to the Kneehab XP." - Tasha B., Physical Therapist: Show Details

"I would encourage anyone treating patients with knee pathology to investigate this technology," Ellen Shanley, PhD, PT, OCS, CSCS : Show Details

"Kneehab XP for pain management and rehabilitation...I'm stronger now." - BettyAnn E.: Show Details

"Regaining strength and range of motion with Kneehab XP" - Todd E.: Show Details

"I would definitely recommend Kneehab to other Athletic Trainers.": Show Details